Y11 Literature PREP: T1 Week 9

Oedipus’ hamartia is based solely around his inability to complete PREP… or was it his reckless actions and inability to listen to others?

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  1. Keep working on your journals, these will be due after the holidays.
  2. Choose one key aspect relate to Greek Tragedy to research and develop a single-page electronic resource on this.
    • you can choose something that came up from today’s class that you were interested in.
    • email me if you need help clarifying a topic for research
    • email your final resource to me before class on Tuesday

I also wanted to say how great it was to see 100% of the class engaged in the learning activities this week. Your presentations were brilliant! I am really looking forward on embarking on this journey into classical literature with all of you.

EDMOB out.

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