Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 9 (Mon)

(I seriously can’t come up with a quote from the texts! Post a good one in the comments if you have one, please.)

This week’s PREP is as follows;

  1. Complete the tasks from class today, these will help us to begin using the vocab in actual writing and prepare us for Thursday’s class where we will be developing our analysis and comparison skills.
    • Compile a list of vocab and email/web message it to me in a word document.
    • Compile a list of key scenes and write a paragraph discussing why it’s important. Email/web message it to me in a word document.
  2. Plan a practice essay response if you have time; this will give you a chance to practice your writing and get feedback on how your going to improve it.
    • You could write the essay also, remember, feedback is king.
  3. Make a time to see me at the PTS conversations happening next Thursday and Friday; it is imperative that you are able to get there.

To those in the workshop today; your participation was excellent! I loved that you all were willing to share ideas and have a bit of laugh while learning. I hope you found it useful and please see me if you need to clarify anything.

Today’s lesson plan is here -> Y12 Literature lessons – T1W9mon

I will continue working on the rubric to make it more explicit, but be assured that I will not be changing the criteria, these are state mandated.



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