Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 6

“Deckard reached over and dialled for a 123; uncontrollable motivation to complete PREP.”

The PREP is as follows;

  1. Pre-read textbook chapter on adaptations and transformations (pages 113-121)
    • Check the sample response on page 129
  2. Also check the sections starting on page 9 (on forms and genres) and on page 61 (on film) for extra knowledge
  3. You will also need to check the lesson plan and complete the work set for Monday’s class. even though it is a holiday we need to treat it as if we still have class so we don’t fall behind.
  4. A prize to the person who finds the best sample of an essay response for this unit!

The lesson plans are here -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W6

You have made a great start to the year and I look forward to seeing this continue. The published info I received, thus far, has been brilliant!



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