Y12 Literature PREP: T1 Week 3

As a whole this week, in my mind, was completed, (critical commentary joke there…)

Your PREP is as follows;

  1. Read pages 163-179 in the textbook on responding to alternate viewpoints. It’s confusing in parts, but pretty darn good.
  2. Complete all outstanding PREP, it’s posted on the blog
  3. Re-view film if you have the time and want to know it inside-out
  4. Finalise your notes
  5. Complete part/all of a practice responseand email it to me to receive some personalised feedback

Here are the lesson outlines from this week -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W3

Next week we will be using Monday for final preparation and knowledge transfer. Class time will have allocated activities, it is not going to be for general preparation, this must be done at home or during study sessions.

Thanks to everyone for their great work on Monday and I know you all did your best to meet my expectations on Thursday.



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