Y12 Literature PREP: T1W2

It is with precise precision and power that i wish to greet you.

My best advice for this PREP is the opposite of what Gittes suggests. I decree; ‘Do as much as possible,’ and of course, seek out my help and support.

The lesson plans from this week are here -> Y12 Literature Lessons – T1W2

The PREP is:

  • Complete any outstanding PREP tasks for the holidays or week 1
  • Download exam advice and examiners assessment reports from here and set some personal goals based on the advice
  • Work on Vocab activity for character/plot events/setting that we worked on in our single lessons
  • Begin reading DADOES, pls.
  • First practice piece to receive feedback – responding to another point of view
    • One of the most pervasive messages in Polanski’s Chinatown is that people will always look out for themselves, first. However, due to our flaws, we are doomed from the outset.
  • Come to the lunch class on thursday to ease the burden of PREP, get help or just read quietly

Thanks to everyone for another great week!




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