Year 11 English Language PREP: T1 Week2 Midweek

Hi everyone,

This is a midweek post for the PREP due on Friday.

  1. Complete any outstanding PREP.
  2. Do some pre-reading for our next class. Read about the formal differences between writing and speech; pages 40-43
  3. Complete glossary entries for the key words from the sections on the functions and modes of language.
    • Communicating
    • Relating socially
    • Expressing emotions
    • Much more…
    • Information
    • Rapport (Can be also be called phatic)
    • Instruction
    • Persuasion
    • Entertainment
    • Play
    • Ceremony

I will also attach the tips for good note-taking practices below.

Thanks again for another great class and to everyone who is putting in the effort to get all of the PREP done and share their knowledge and thoughts. Your contributions are extremely important to the success of our classes.




2 thoughts on “Year 11 English Language PREP: T1 Week2 Midweek

  1. Well, bad news Edmob, I may have just happened to have accidentally left my bag in town somewhere. I’ll do what I can for the homework I haven’t yet finished such as the seven examples of English on loose leaf or a random book (the textbook and my workbook for EL were thankfully left at school in my locker.) I’ll admit I totally forgot about the homework for tomorrow, but losing my bag actually reminded me, so I guess I could consider it lucky. (There was nothing critical in it.)

    I decided to comment here rather than send you an email because this blog looks lonely and deserted, and could use a comment or one.


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