Y11 English Language PREP – T1 Week 1

Hello and welcome to Y11 English Language.

I was extremely pleased to see the great efforts everyone was making in class yesterday and am very much looking forward to a great year learning about the crazy language we call English.

Your PREP for this week is as follows:

  1. Check the holiday PREP post and complete as much as you can.
  2. Complete your summary notes of the textbook we started yesterday and go on to read and take notes on the next section in preparation for Monday’s class. (pages 34-43)
  3. As you are taking notes be sure to add any unfamiliar words to you glossary 🙂
  4. Organise your folder for classes.

Here are the lesson plans for this week for anyone who couldn’t attend or wants to check over what we did -> Y11 English Language Lessons T1W1

Don’t forget that I will be running a class on Thursday at lunch for people to come in to complete any PREP they need to or ask questions.

If you get stuck on anything please email me ASAP, rather than wait until we have class to let me know.



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