Y11 Literature PREP: T3 Week 4

WAZZZUP!?!?!?!? The PREP this week is;

  1. Continue improving your chapter summary and character profile, think about what you learned about how to write effective notes & include the knowledge you have gained about narrative aspects and structure. I feel that only a small number of you have used class time effectively to do this, if you are one of that small number than I congratulate you on being awesome.
  2.   I will post a video looking at themes, concerns and ideas, you should watch it.
  3. You should also do some research about what these are in Gatsby.
  4. Think about (re-watch if you need to) the American’t Dream by Suli Breaks. How is this a satire? How does it relate to Gatsby?
  5. If you have missed class at any point, this is what was covered; Y11 Literature T3W4

EDMOB out.


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