Y11 English PREP: T2 Week 7

Hi everyone,

here is this week’s PREP

  1. Choose an issue to present on, I have changed my mind and decided that PASSION for the issue does outweigh the need for it to be current, but if you can combine both then you’re winning. Start a plan in readiness for approval on Tuesday.
  2. Listen to the podcast, in which I interview Mr. O’Meara about what makes for a good presentation. http://whclearn.libsyn.com/episode-13-the-public-speaking-special-edition
  3. View the videos on this site, they will help you to plan for an effective presentation and prepare you for classes next week. http://www.present2connect.org/
  4. Make sure that you have a persuasive article for class on Tuesday, if not, the activity will go on without you.
  5. Also, ensure that your Romeo & Juliet notes are on the go in readiness for the exam. You can write up a practice response for some excellent feedback from me if you want to.



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