Y11 Literature PREP: T2 Week 5 (part 2)

Salamat Malam,

here is the what you can be doing to prepare for the upcoming assessment:

  1. Work through and complete the items in your checklist, if you were absent today (15/05), check with a classmate or me to find out what this is.
  2. Complete the online workshop on Intro and body paragraphs in the workshop section to improve your essay writing skills.
  3. Watch One Night the Moon again and add to the notes you’ve taken. I have a copy if you need to borrow it.
  4. Attend the lunchtime class on Friday and Tuesday if you want a hand with anything or some feedback on what you’ve done.
  5. Remember that all students are expected to attend the cross country day. If you attend and are not competing, we will have a walking Lit group and discuss this most wonderful subject at length.



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