Week 6 PREP part 1 of 2: Y11 English


this is the first part of your PREP this week:

  • Write an obs book entry
  • Watch the trailer for the movie Gattaca, list the ways that you think it relates to our context (Identity & Belonging). Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3-UC-VEaFI
  • If you look at the ‘understanding the context’ post on the blog, it lists some discussion points for you to draw on.

If you have not completed the following, they are still relevant and should be completed:

  1. Finish reading Montana 1948. The primary text must be referred to in assessment response.
  2. Go to blog and contribute to the ‘Understanding the context’ document and the spreadsheet by answering the questions on the form. https://bluebananabread.wordpress.com/category/english/
  3. Read the Almanac: part D, to assist the development of your response writing skills. http://redspacerocket.com/almanac/
  4. Make entries in the Obs book drawing on things that you see, hear, read about or experience in your own life.
  5. Ask questions! either through comments on the google documents, or in comments on the related posts in this blog. I will always respond with something intended to be helpful.

The first assessment piece is not that far off… if you haven’t been doing much homework, there is still time to get motivated and do some tasks that will help improve your skills, knowledge and ultimately, your results.

EDMOB out.


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